With over 20 million UK households using gas for their heating, gas safety is more important than it has ever been. Since 2009, the Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the country’s gas safe registration body. Cheap gas fires are a major cause for serious – and often fatal – disasters nationwide. Gas leaks may go undetected, and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning is widely publicised. Explosions and fires remain a real threat due to inadequate installation of gas fires. Here you find advice on being safe when buying a gas fire.
Gas safe regulations are in place to keep people protected in the comfort of their own home. The maintenance, installation and fitting of a gas fire should only be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Like the previous CORGI registered operative, their ID card needs to be checked to prove their credentials, as gas fires require regular checks and servicing. Older models should be assessed to ascertain their working condition. If in doubt, upgrade to a newer model and acquire the safety certificate from the engineer. Keep the certificate in a secure place because it might be required at a later stage.
gas safe registered Prior to buying a new gas fire, every precaution taken will enhance the chance of staying safe. Calling a Gas Safe registered technician for advice is a good starting point, and you’ll be able to ask which model of gas fire is the most suitable for your needs. Obtaining a couple of free quotations from different companies will give an idea of the best price. Faulty installations and poorly maintained gas fires are the prime reasons for gas leaks, so contacting the Gas Safe Register before any work is carried out cannot be understated. Ultimately, it is your life that you are safeguarding; there should be no short cuts.
An audible carbon monoxide alarm is invaluable, especially to those who are elderly or in care. Thousands of people in the UK contract carbon monoxide poisoning – an only too common occurrence caused by “the silent killer”. Unfortunately, thousands of illegal gas fire checks are undertaken every year. The only way of ensuring you get the right people to install a gas fire is to check their Gas Safe Register ID card. By following the guidelines, and by applying a little common sense, you’ll be confident your new gas fire is completely safe.