Are you looking for marble fireplace surrounds that really make your chosen fire pop out? We’ve hunted down five to consider that will take pride of place in any home. Even if you’ve never had a marble fireplace before, you’ll soon see how appealing they can be. You’ll wonder why you have never chosen one before now. Which of these five will turn out to be your favourite?


Sometimes it’s good to have a larger fireplace that is beautifully understated. The York achieves this sometimes tricky focus perfectly, adding in a slightly curved appearance for a touch of something different.

york marble fireplace


If it’s a solid and reliable fireplace you’re after, the Tucson design is ideal. The curved hearth adds something different and it still offers clean lines and a simple but stunning design.

Marble fireplace - Tucson


The Torino marble fireplaces are nothing short of beautiful, giving you the focus you want no matter what fireplaces you tend to like. It’s majestic and minimalist in design, yet it has strong lines that will appeal to those wanting a stunner.

Torino marble fireplace


If it’s modern you want, the Denver model is just the thing. As fire surrounds go, this is modern, sleek and laid back all in one go. It’s also available in two sizes. Perfect!

Marble fireplace

San Rocco

The San Rocco fireplaces have a little something extra for everyone who wants a stunner of a fireplace. The plit-face panels really make it pop out, demanding the attention and drawing the focus into the fire.

San rocco marble fireplace

When it comes to fireplaces you need something that is going to complement your room and the fire you have in situ as well. The beauty of a marble fireplace cannot be denied – it really is quite something. All you have to do is imagine how your chosen fireplace would look in your home, and you’ll be online placing your order as soon as possible.

It’s certainly hard to deny the appeal of any of the above fireplaces. Whatever style of room or décor you have, it’s time to invest in some marble, don’t you think?