If you are looking for a gas fire for your home, tempted by the look of a fireplace and low running costs, but are convinced that you can’t have one because you don’t have a chimney, then think again. You too can enjoy all the benefits of a fireplace by means of a balance flue system. This modern technology is your answer – the systems are a great way of adding heat to your home as well as offering a beautiful design feature to a room.

This ingenious system works by running through an external wall. Air for combustion purposes is then drawn in through the outer pipe, whilst the inner pipe then removes the combustion gases, taking them to the exterior of your property. Balanced flue appliances are sealed from within the room in which they are fitted along with twin wall-pipe vents fitted directly outdoors.

Gas FireThe technology by balance flue systems has been worked on and perfected over recent years and there are a number of ways in which these can work, offering choice to the customer and an option to suit the design of their home. Some appliances will flue directly out through the exterior wall horizontally. Others will flue upwards and then put instead. There are also some which will flue up directly, in a similar way to a traditional stove.

The main plus point of a balanced flue installation, and one which attracts many people, is that no vent is required in the room where you wish it to be fitted. They are a very high efficiency glass fronted appliance, offering a very cost-effective method for heating your home.

With a balanced flue gas fire, there are no electrics required or motor noise, meaning you can enjoy having your room heated without any disturbance or irritation from operating sounds.

Gas FiresA flue system is different to an ordinary gas fire that is installed in the traditional way to a chimney. In a chimney fireplace, the oxygen burnt by the fire to create flames is extracted from the living room, or whichever room the fireplace is installed, and waste gases are then expelled back up through the chimney. So, although this kind of fireplace may be attractive, it’s not quite so favourable upon your respiration, nor is it kind to your fuel bills. As it needs constant ventilation to keep it burning, it tends to consume far more energy, and this is likely to cost more over time.

On the contrary, balanced flue systems are sealed within the room, and have a flue of double thickness, using natural convection to draw the air from the outside for combustion, to then expel it back outside through another flue compartment.

Overall this means you get more effective heating with reduced gas consumption, which is evidently kinder on the purse strings. You can find out more about the technical specification and about minimum separation distances by referring to pages 49 and 50 of this document.