Most people would agree that when you enter a room that has a fireplace, your eye is immediately drawn to the fireplace over and above everything else. But it can be difficult to choose which fireplace you really want when there are so many to choose from.

If you want something to stop you in your tracks however, consider cast iron fireplaces. These are perhaps a little less well known than some of the other options you could consider. But once you start exploring the range in more detail you will see just how stunning they can be.

Improve the look of your dining room or living room with a period design

If you are looking for a period design that represents a timeless classic, consider a London Cast Belgravia or Burlington cast from Stovax. These are wonderfully detailed and provide the finishing touch to a dining or living room. You can couple these designs with wood burners or perhaps with a gas fire – it’s your choice.

Adding the finishing touch to a mantelpiece

kensington fireplaceIf you already have a mantelpiece in place, you can browse the cast iron fireplaces for sale and find a classical arched insert to complete the look. This is installed within the mantelpiece and pillars, so as to provide a surround for whatever fire you happen to have. Since this particular model works well with all fires, it doesn’t matter if you already have a fire installed.

Remote control built in

In some cases your new cast iron fireplace will have a remote control option available too. In most cases this applies to gas fires, but if you have a gas fire it is good to know you have yet another option to consider. Models such as the Kensington inserts and the Victorian Tiled Convectors are perfectly paired with a remote control, making it even easier to switch the fire on and off as you desire.

Cast iron fireplaces with tiled sections

Yet another worthwhile choice to consider if you want a real eye opener is the tiled fireplace. These can usually be fitted with more than one type of fire, so check yours is compatible before you buy.

The tiles give another dimension to the fireplaces, providing a colourful design in a series of tiles running down each side of the fire. These fireplaces were very popular in times gone by. But you can still enjoy this look today by investing in models such as the Art Nouveau Tiled Convectors or the Victorian Tiled Convectors.

Finish your fireplace in style with a cast iron fireplace

classic arched insert

If you were ever in any doubt that you needed a cast iron fireplace to complete the look and ambience your new fire presents, you probably now realise how powerful they can be. A fireplace is indeed still a focal point in any room and the more you make of it the better it will be.

We have a wide range of cast iron fireplaces for sale, which fireplace will you choose and install in your home?