Wood burning stoves are becoming more popular all the time. However if you are considering adding a stove to your own home or business, there are several points worth thinking about. For instance many areas are now known as Smoke Control Areas and if you live in one of these you will need to make sure the stove you choose is Defra approved . If you buy something on a whim and it isn’t approved, you won’t be able to use it.

So with that caveat out of the way, let’s press on and find out what else you need to think about when you want to buy one of the log burners available today.

What style would you prefer?

You’d be surprised how many different styles are available. Are you looking for something with a traditional look and feel – something that would have looked equally at home in a period property years ago as it would in a modern house today? Perhaps you have designs on a thoroughly modern take on wood burning stoves – something that will fit in with your modern décor. Consider the age and feel of your property and choose something that will fit in nicely.

Next you need to think about sizing. If you have a fireplace you want to position the stove in, you may be limited to what size you can get. Not all fireplaces are the same dimensions, so make sure you measure up before you buy anything.

Burley Log Burner

If you want to position the stove on the floor and have the flue running up through the wall or ceiling, you’ll have more freedom to choose the size that is right for your needs. However you should still consider what size stove will provide the heat output you are looking for. Look for kilowatt output and compare different stoves by using these figures.

You should also focus on getting the right size for the room. A large log burner may look odd in a tiny room, whereas a small one would look out of place and ‘lost’ in a huge room.

Don’t forget to account for installation costs as well as the stove itself

You will need to hire an experienced installer to handle the wood burning stove installation on your behalf ideally a Hetas registered. The cost of this will depend on the amount of work that is necessary.

For instance if you have a fireplace and chimney that are virtually ready to receive the new stove, your costs could be cheaper than if the fireplace has been blocked up and needs to be opened up again. Always get quotations for the work to be done from a few companies, so you can be sure of getting the best deal. Never focus on doing the installation yourself either – it is always best to get the experts in to ensure the installation is completed safely, efficiently and to the highest of standards.

So… which stove have you set got your heart set on?