When choosing a new fireplace there are many different elements that you need to consider. Picking a fireplace / stove that suits your home is essential, along with the size, quality, and safety of your fireplace.

An important factor (that is often overlooked) is the fuel type of your fire, from electric to gas fires to wood burning, wall-mounted to inserts, each type has their benefits, and with so many different brands and styles on the market it can be tricky to decide on the right stove for you.

We have created a simple guide to the types of stoves / fireplace. Giving you a little more detail on the individual fuel type, and what may work best for your home.

Electric Fires

Electric Stoves

If you love that look and feel of a real fire, but don’t want the fuss of cleaning it or you simply don’t have a chimney, then an electric fire could be perfect for you.

They are the simplest of fire’s to install, simply unpack and plug in and you have a fire to heat your home.

Electric fires are available in a range of styles:

  • Insert – made to be installed within a fireplace opening or fastened directly onto a wall.
  • Wall Mounted – simply hang and plug in
  • Electric Stoves – able to be positioned anywhere for maximum flexibility


Gas Fires

Gas Stoves

Gas fireplaces are easy to use, require very little maintenance and are very energy efficient. Not to mention, they look fantastic too!

If you’re looking for a fire to add a little class to your home then a Gas fireplace may be the one for you, they offer many of the same benefits as a real fire but with a lot less hassle.

  • Flame Effect – ‘live’ flame effect gas fires provide a great heat output
  • Traditional –  A fantastic efficient heat source and value for money
  • No Chimney Required –  Achieve a beautiful centerpiece fire without the chimney


Multi-Fuel Fires

Multifuel Stoves

Multi-Fuel fires have been growing in popularity over the years as homeowners look to achieve a real flame fire. Complementing both traditional and contemporary interiors, a Multi-fuel fireplace is a great addition to any home with a chimney.

Some advantages of having a Multi-fuel stove:

  • Efficiency – Very energy efficient
  • Look/feel – Experience crackling logs and a woodsy aroma
  • Different fuel choices – Pick your preferred fuel


Wood Burning Fire

Wood Burning Stoves

The classic wood burning fire is a perfect addition to any home, if you’re looking to snuggle up in front of the fire listening to the logs crackle on a winters evening then wood burning stove if perfect for you.

There are a wide range of wood burning stoves available, from modern to classic… you’ll be sure to find a style to suit your home.

Some advantages of having a Wood Burning stove:

  • Increased Comfort – Sit back and relax in front of your crackling fire
  • Electricity Independence – No need for wires, simply light your fire and enjoy
  • A perfect addition to your home – A wood burning fire is the centerpiece of any home


If you have any questions about your fireplace or need any further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us