More and more people seem to be considering purchasing a wood burning stove for their home. Gone are the days when wood burning stoves meant dust, soot and dirt were the order of the day. Instead you can take full advantage of modern wood burning stoves. These are not only practical and eye catching they are contemporary and hard working too.

Contura is a brand you will probably come across very quickly in your search for modern log burners. This is a Swedish born firm that specialises in producing high quality stoves. Based in Markaryd and made by NIBE, Contura stoves are second to none. They form the perfect marriage between a good hard working stove and something that looks good too.

Classic Contura stoves

As soon as you start looking into the various models available from Contura you will see they have a huge selection to consider. Among them you will find the Contura C51L, a solid understated stove featuring high set legs and capable of producing 5kw in heat. It works well in a chimney recess.

Of course not all homes have a chimney recess to house a stove. If you want your Contura model stove to be ‘out and proud’ why not take a closer look at the Contura 810 model? This is taller and thinner than the C51L, and it has room underneath to store some logs too. It benefits from a large glass pane in the door and thoroughly modern looks.

A third option is the Contura 750 model. This is another tall slim modern example of how small a footprint some of the Contura wood burning stoves actually have. It has slightly more solid looks than the 810, but it still has the same log recess underneath for storage.

Contura C51L

Wood burning stoves for your home

If you have decided to get a wood burning stove from Contura, the first step should be to consider where it will be placed. Obviously many people have a fireplace it can sit in, but if this is not possible you need to consider where else it can go and whether or not it will need a flue. It should go without saying that you should always get a professional to install your wood burning stove for you, regardless of whether it needs a flue or not. This will give you peace of mind that it has been properly and safely installed to fulfil all legal requirements.

The great thing about Contura is that all the models have clear instructions included with them that make it easier to see which ones are suitable for your own home and needs. You can get this information easily online before you make your purchase, so you’ll be able to buy with confidence.

It’s clear that modern homes need modern wood burning stoves. The Contura range has been designed for our modern times, so you should have every confidence in investing in one for your home.