A new addition has just arrived at Manor House Fireplaces – the DRU range of contemporary fires and stoves that comes all the way from the Netherlands. With 260 years of expertise in the industry, it should come as no surprise to learn they are the leading manufacturer of gas appliances in Europe.

DRU diabloWe are currently installing a number of new displays in our showrooms so you’ll be able to see the fires and stoves in working condition in just a few weeks. Many of their models benefit from Eco Wave technology. This means you can enjoy a huge saving of as much as 50% on the amount of gas you use. It also means you can have a DRU fire in more than one room of your home without it getting too warm for your needs. You can even style your own flames – something you won’t be able to do with many other fires.

The glass-fronted models offer excellent efficiency levels, regardless of whether you opt for a balanced flue or a conventional flue model. In contrast you’ll get reliable performance day in, day out when it comes to their cast-iron models. Sustainable and ready to provide warmth and a stunning focal point for whatever space you install it in, a DRU fire makes a stunning and worthwhile investment for your home.

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Let’s take a closer look at some of the beautiful ranges you can look forward to seeing at Manor House Fireplaces.

DRU Centro 100

Dru centro 100

For a modern alternative to the open fire, the Centro ticks all the boxes. With one huge window at the front for an unimpeded view of the fire, this provides an all-flame picture and a highly realistic flame bed. The DRU Eco Wave burner technology is included in this model, offering exceptionally high efficiency and great value for money.

Dru Metro Range

DRU metro 130XT

True versatility comes with the Metro models – a fire that is designed as a ‘hole in the wall’ option for modern homes. There are four options here – the 80, 100, 130 and 150 XT models. While the front facing hole in the wall style is the most familiar, you can also purchase the tunnelled version which can be seen from both sides. There is even a three sided appliance option if you want a more unusual installation.

You’re guaranteed to get the realistic fuel bed; this is designed from either logs, white logs, pebbles or stones depending on your requirements. With different size options available the Metro is a practical, realistic and engaging fire that looks simply stunning.

DRU Global Range

DRU global 60i CF

This range incorporates contemporary design and offers excellent quality as well. You might be surprised at the reasonable prices you’ll pay for these fires. While they are thoroughly modern in appearance they still sit well with a more traditional fireplace surround, marrying the old and the new in perfect style.

DRU global gas fireThere are some great options in this range as well, from front viewing fires to tunnel versions. The two and three sided options mentioned above are also available as styles within the Global range. Gas stoves are also available in this range, so whatever you are looking for you are sure to find a suitable and affordable model here.

Every fire comes complete with a realistic log or fuel bed, depending on the model you choose. You’re guaranteed excellent efficiency levels regardless of whether you go for a conventional or a balanced flue. Every model is perfect for installation into UK homes too, since they are designed for this specific market. Really, the Global range satisfies all your needs when you choose a fire.

Freestanding Fireplaces

Finally we’d like to introduce you to the exceptional range of DRU freestanding fireplaces. These are unique in the marketplace and are very easy to install. Their background also ensures they bring a real Scandinavian feel to your home without looking out of place. They’re similar to the Contura freestanding fires in style, such as the 750 and 800 series models, so if you’re familiar with those you’ll know what to expect.

DRU Global Beau CF

You’re not stuck with just one colour choice either: some of the freestanding models are available in different finishes. This enables you to choose the fire and the colour that best suit your home. And again, you can expect a high efficiency performance whichever option you go for.

We’re proud and delighted to welcome the finest DRU models into our current range of fires and stoves. Come and see the new models to take a closer look.