If a fire started in your house, would you know what to do and would your children know? Fire safety is of the utmost importance at home. We need to protect our children against this life threatening hazard but many of us are not aware of the best preventative steps to take to stop a fire breaking out in our home, or that educating our family can save lives.

Preventing a fire in the first place is the safest solution, rather than dealing with one that has begun. You should make sure that you are aware of any potential hazard in the home that could harm your children.

Fireplaces can cause major accidents if the necessary precautions are not carried out to prevent children straying too close.

Check Electrical Appliances to prevent Fires


The electrical appliances in your home should be in good condition and cords should not be frayed or loose. Make sure your sockets are not overloaded with computer, television and video game plugs, putting an unnecessary strain on them.

If your house does not have ground fault circuit interrupters, consider investing in these, as they can prevent fire by shutting down circuits that might be faulty.

Cover sockets with plastic safety covers if you have young children in the home.

Supervise children using electrical appliances at all times.

Fireplace Safety


An open fireplace or a wood fire stove is an attractive feature in any home and can provide a great deal of heat in the winter months. However, children and babies are naturally intrigued by fireplaces and it is vital that little hands are kept away from naked flames or stove covers that are scalding to the touch. In addition, children can trip over hearths and fall into fireplaces and seriously injure themselves.

There are many products available to prevent fireplace accidents occurring.
A fireplace bumper pad is a foam cushion that covers the hearth and is flame retardant. Children can play safely next to the fireplace with this pad in place.

The fireplace door guard stops children having their fingers squashed within folding or swinging glass doors to the fireplace. The guard locks the door in place.

Fireplace guards are positioned in front of the fireplace to prevent accidents happening when children play too close to the fire. Sparks that might fly out from the fire hit the guard.

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