Fireplace Cleaning Tips…

A customer came into our showroom seeking advice on chimney / stove maintenance, he was confused and puzzled by the lack of clear advice available online, (we of-course helped him and advised him on the best options) we had a look online ourselves and couldn’t agree more.

So… we have decided to create our own clear, simple advice. We will be producing this is a number of blogs focused on specific elements of your stove / fire maintenance.

Week 1: 3 Top tips for taking care of your chimney…

Week 2: 3 top tips for cleaning your wood burning fireplace…

To ensure your fire is completely out, leave at least 72 hours before attempting any clean.


Remove Ash

Removing ash is an essential part of maintaining your fire, it not only improves the appearance but also stops the airflow for being affected by ash buildup.

Before starting any ash removal, ensure the floor / carpet surrounding your fire is covered to protect it from being damaged.

If your fire has an ash dump: Brush the ashes through the metal plate in the floor of your firebox and use a vacuum to clean up and remaining ash on the hearth.

If your fire does not have an ash dump: Use a shovel to carefully gather the ash and place directly into a bin bag. Then vacuum up and remaining ash that can’t be gathered with the shovel.


Clear Smoke and Soot

The buildup of smoke and soot on the fireplace surround can cause poor drafting, this can result in your fire becoming reluctant to start and smoke spilling into the room. Not to mention a lingering smell of smoke.

Step 1: Use a stiff wire brush and scraper to clean the entire interior of your fireplace / stove.

Step 2: Spray the interior of your fireplace with a masonry cleaner, then use a brush to scrub and remove any left over dirt / marks.


Cleaning a Gas-Burning Fireplace

Gas burning fireplaces are relatively low maintenance, but like any appliance, they do need some TLC from time to time.

Glass cleaning: Use a non-ammonia based glass cleaner and spray it directly onto your fireplace glass, then scrub with scrunched up newspaper or a specialist cleaning cloth.

Remove debris: Use a vacuum to remove any debris inside the fireplace, focusing on important areas such as the vents as this is where debris is most lightly to build up.

If you have any questions about your fireplace maintenance or require more Fireplace Cleaning Tips, please don’t hesitate to contact us