With winter upon us and energy prices ever rising, many people are turning to wood burning stoves to heat their home. Here at manor House, we have a stunning range available – from traditional to contemporary and perfect for any home.

5. Contura 880

Contura 880This pillar-mounted stove features a large glass front that wraps around the stove giving you the perfect view no matter where you are in the room. The sleek lines give the stove a contemporary feel and look great in any home – adding a focal point but not being too overbearing. There is also a turntable option meaning your fire will be seen from all sides.

Efficiency-wise, this stove is top-notch, bearing the Swedish Swan Label of efficiency, guaranteeing you more heat for less. The clean burning system makes the upkeep simple and efficient too making the whole stove simple to operate. We love this stove, and we know you will too.

4. Stockton 5

Stockton 5

This versatile Stovax stove may be small but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to heating up your space. The traditional look makes it ideal for cottages and family homes alike and with a 5mm heavy duty steel body, this beauty is built to last.

The cast iron fireback incorporates a heat exchange for the clean burn system, while heated air jets from clean burn ports burn the hydrocarbons in the smoke to make it less damaging to the environment. Cleaning-wise, you needn’t be put off as the air wash control slider helps to keep the glass spotless for longer and the solid plate log guard prevents ash spillage.

3. Unilux-3 40 Barbas Inset Stove

Perfect for smaller homes, the space-efficient Unilux-3 is ideal for both existing fireplaces and newly created fireplaces. The large glass front gives an excellent view of the fire, while the classy, durable finish uses high quality concrete ceramic.

The microscopic dust emissions of this stove are exceptionally low and an inbuilt flue dampner keeps all smoke inside the appliance. With high efficiency from the unique ceramic foam filter, the Unilux-3 is a great option for those who want to cut energy costs in their home while the modern styling fits in with any home décor.

2. Riva Plus Medium

Riva Plus Medium

The Riva Plus Medium from Stovax is perfect for medium to large rooms and is built to the highest standards to ensure it lasts for years to come. The heavy duty steel body and solid cast iron airtight door give this stove the feel of absolute luxury creating an attractive focal point in any room.

DEFRA approved and with a clean burn system, this stove is not only highly efficient, it’s kinder to the environment while the external air facility to help reduce draught. This stove is highly customisable with optional window crosses for a more traditional look and a multifuel option available, too.

1. Yeoman Devon

Yeoman Devon

The highly popular, medium Devon stove from Yeoman is a great choice for any home, with a choice of colours and a single/double door option available too. The impressive heat output of  9kWlets you rest in the knowledge that your stove will keep your room warm at minimal energy expenditure.

Equipped with a clean burn system, harmful emissions are kept to a minimum while the Yeoman airwash system keeps the glass clean and your view of the fire unobstructed. This well-built, sturdy stove is a great addition to any home and one that we can guarantee you’ll love for years to come.