Gas Fireplaces VS Wood Burning Stoves

Fireplaces can make a great addition to your home, not only do they help to add warmth throughout the winter, but also add a beautiful focal point in your home.

Deciding on the perfect fireplace for your home is an important decision and there are may factors that need to be explored. There are two main types of fireplaces that you can choose from – a gas fireplace and a wood burning fireplace. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both that you can compare to make the choice that best suits your needs:

Gas Fireplaces


Gas fireplaces offer a huge array of versatility as they can be positioned almost anywhere in your home. You can choose from conventional flue or balanced flue which is why they can be added to an already existing fireplace, mounted in a wall or freestanding.

Gas fireplaces offer a very safe and efficient burn with little pollutants or maintenance to worry about, not to mention there fantastic capability of producing sustainable heat.

If you are looking to add or improve your existing fireplace, you have come to the right place.

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Wood Burning Stoves


Nothing creates a warm inviting atmosphere to your home quite like a wood-burning stove. They evoke memories of warm, cosy, family nights in front of the fire on a winters evening. The warmth and comfort of a wood-burning stove really is hard to beat.

One of the key reason that people lean towards wood-burning stoves is due to the delightful smell and sound that they produce. The aromatic joys of a crackling wood stove can help brighten any day or warm any evening.

Logs are relatively cheap to purchase, resulting in the wood burning stove being a very cost effective option.

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If you have any questions about gas fires / wood burning stoves or need any further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us