Bookcases and shelves can look really good when surrounding a fireplace. Depending on what you need to display on the shelves, and how much of it there is, there are as many different options available to you as there are fireplaces for sale. Building your own shelving units means that you are in charge of the process every step of the way and can create shelving that perfectly matches your fire or stove and the room as a whole. Here is a brief guide to some of the things you should consider when building your own shelves or bookcases to go around a fireplace.

Know what you want

In many cases the fireplace is the room’s focal point. Making the decision to add bookcases or shelving around it can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your room. Make sure your design is in balance with the rest of the room and also, crucially that your shelving will have the right capacity. Having too many things crammed onto shelves will make them look messy, while having too much empty space will give the units an unbalanced look. Remember, a bookcase doesn’t have to only hold books. As well as obvious other things like CDs and magazines, it is good idea to break up the available shelving space with more open areas containing ornaments or framed pictures.

Planning and preparation

building a bookcase
When you know how many books and other items you need to store on the shelves, it’s time to start planning. You will need to decide how wide and high you want the bookcases or shelving units to go. Also bear in mind the depth of the shelves, as this will be a major factor in what the shelves will be able to hold. What’s deep enough for books and picture frames may not be enough for magazines or any audio visual equipment. When it comes to choosing the height of the unit, think carefully about the overall impression you want to create. Floor to ceiling bookcases can look great, especially when they wrap around the fireplace, but don’t forget that the objects being stored on the shelves will also need to perform a decorative function.
In terms of preparation, it is good idea to make accurate measurements of the area around the fireplace and to decide  exactly how high you want each shelf to be. Then make a diagram of the unit you will create, and when you are happy that everything is in place, building can begin!

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