There are many advantages to having a fireplace installed in your home, as well as providing warmth and comfort they make beautiful features in any room. If you are thinking of adding a new fire, it is well worth considering using a fireplace to connect two rooms or living areas. There are lots of possibilities for gas burning as well as large and small wood burning stoves for sale that can create a perfect connector between two living spaces. Apart from providing heat and an attractive focal point for two rooms at once, using a single fireplace in a connecting wall also has the added, and significant, bonus of being much cheaper, as it is considerably less expensive to install one fireplace, flue and chimney than two.

Double-sided cassette fires

These built-in fires make a sleek and attractive feature on any wall, and, thanks to their two sides, they can be used as the main fireplace in two separate rooms at once. A dining area and a living room can benefit from the same heat source, so that you can enjoy a meal, secure in the knowledge that you can retire to a well-heated lounge afterwards. If you set the fire at a slightly higher position in the wall, you can see through into the next room. With a fireplace such as this, you can have a different frame on each side, so it can match the decor of both rooms.

Double-sided fireplaces

double sided wood burning stove
An open fire set between two living spaces can really benefit both areas by providing a key focal point for each of them. Either as a centrepiece to an open plan living area, or as a peninsula, a double-sided fireplace is an economic and attractive means of heating two areas. One popular idea is to use a double-sided fireplace between a master bedroom and its en-suite bathroom. As well heating both spaces, it connects the two areas and makes it possible for people to converse as they bathe, change and relax.

Three-sided fireplaces

A fireplace that sits at the base of a partial wall between two areas makes a perfect boundary without inhibiting movement, and gives each room warmth as well as a focal point. A three-sided fireplace is an excellent means of separating, but not dividing, the kitchen and dining areas of an open-plan kitchen. This allows for the smell of food being prepared to waft through into the dining area and for interaction between the cook and his or her guests.
With gas fires, electric fires and wood burning fires all available, there is a fireplace for sale which could be the perfect means for you to connect two rooms and add to the beauty and warmth of them both.

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