Hunter stoves make a great addition to any home. Many people like the appeal of multi fuel stoves since they provide the ability to use several different types of fuels quite safely.

Here we go through several options in the Hunter range, so you can determine which stove will be the best choice for you.

Hunter Hawk 3

hunter hawk 3 stove

Do you suspect you don’t have room for a stove? Think again – the Hunter Hawk 3 is one of the smallest stoves available, yet it offers an impressive 4.5kW output. It also comes with Airwash and Cleanburn technology included, ensuring the very best performance and the best view of the flames within. And despite its size it still offers a sizeable glass door panel to give a great view.

RRP: £659.00 Our Price: £505.00
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Hunter Hawk 4

Hunter Hawk 4 multi fuel stove

Finding a stove that promises a good output without taking up much space can be a challenge. The Hunter Hawk 4 fulfils that challenge, offering 4kW of heat while providing an efficiency rating of 72%. You’re also assured of the Airwash and Cleanburn technology which means you get a great performance, day in, day out.

RRP: £679.00 Our Price: £516.00
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Hunter Herald 4

hunter herald 4 stove

If you’re after a higher output, perhaps this model – offering 5kW of heat – is the one for you. You can opt for either one or two doors to provide the look you want. The overall appearance is impressive since it offers a classic look that will fit into either modern or more traditional properties. In essence, it really does tick all those essential boxes you’ll want to fill in.

RRP: £839.00 Our Price: £660.00
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Hunter Herald 5 slimline

hunter herald 5 slimline

This slimline model has all the good looks of the Herald 4 and yet packs them into a smaller space. Ideal for those tight spaces where a normal-sized fire may not be accommodated, this model can be installed with a 5” flue to get the job done. The heat output is 4.4kW and you also have a choice of getting a low or high canopy to suit the space you have available in your fireplace. You can also enjoy an efficiency level of 74% with this stove.

RRP: £869.00 Our Price: £685.00
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Hunter Herald 8

hunter herald 8

Impressive indeed, the Hunter Herald 8 grabs your attention from the first moment you lay eyes on it. Its stunning good looks are backed up by the features packed into it too. Consider the incredible 11kW output that is enough to heat more than the room it is situated in. You can also enjoy the signature Cleanburn and Airwash systems included across the Hunter range. And with an option to choose from one or two doors to gain access to the interior, you really can get the fire and the look you want.

RRP: £1,149.00 Our Price: £930.00
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As you can see the Hunter range packs in lots of different stoves – any one of which might be just what you need. Consider the space you have available, think about the look you want and choose one of the outstanding stoves above to achieve the warmth and looks you desire for your home.awH