There is an increasing demand for ‘inset’ wood burning and multi-fuel fires at the moment. The reason for their increase in popularity is two-fold. Firstly they have sleek modern looks, clean lines and high efficiency ratings of 80% and over. Secondly – and just as importantly to some – is their versatility.

A conventional stove requires a large recess for the stove to function correctly and the heat to be enjoyed to its fullest. This is fine if you happen to have a generous fireplace. However if you only have a small gap to fill, a cassette is a far better and more practical option. It is designed specifically to fill a much smaller pre-existing gap.

That’s why many people are upgrading from a 10 year old gas fire to an inset stove. They won’t have the expense of having to change their fireplace to accommodate a conventional stove that needs more room.

Inset Stoves

A classic example of an attractive inset cassette stove is the Contura i4 Modern. This makes the most of an existing small fireplace without going through any major renovation or building work. Its output measures anything between 3 and 5kW and it boasts an efficiency of 80% too. The large glass door makes the fire seem bigger than it is, and it looks sensational in all kinds of rooms, both modern and more traditional.


Inset Wood Burning Stoves

If you have a fireplace opening measuring 22 inches by 16 inches you’ll need a cassette stove to fit into it. Providing the chair brick is taken out, you’ll have enough room to enjoy the Stovax Riva 40 cassette inset wood burning stove.

Despite its small size the stove packs a real punch – it boasts a heat output of between 1.5 and 4.9kW. Smokeless fuel gives the best heat efficiency of 82%, but if you opt to use wood you can still enjoy a heating efficiency of 77%. You can even get it in several colour choices, from storm metallic to a metallic blue if you wish.

Inset Multi Fuel Stoves

It’s good to know it is possible to get an inset multi fuel stove for your home. With so many people looking to replace older fires and bring in something modern and appealing instead, the cassette inset stoves look set to become still more popular in the future.

If you are concerned that you live in a Smoke Control Area you will also be glad to hear models such as the Riva 40 Multi Fuel Fire are approved for use in these areas. There is no doubt that the ‘hole in the wall fire’ is one of the most popular solutions for heating a room today, as well as providing an eye catching and attractive fire.


It’s good to know that versatility is the best feature of the inset wood burning stoves. Providing you have the required gap you won’t have any trouble getting one of these installed by a professional, to give you the warm and attractive home you really want.