If you are already familiar with the range of stoves sold at Manor House, you’ll be delighted to know we’re introducing a new name into the mix. Jotul is a Norwegian company that has been developing and creating great quality fireplaces and stoves since 1853. Craftsmanship of the very best quality is on offer and can be seen in the creation of every single stove and fireplace they make.

jotul norwegian craftsmenship

With a history as long as theirs, it is perhaps not surprising to note some strong classic features among their stoves. However you shouldn’t assume there is little for you to appreciate if you have a thoroughly modern home that requires a stove. Jotul knows how to combine classic and modern to create some designs that would fit perfectly into all manner of surroundings.

Extra care and attention is visible in every detail

You will soon realise there is a lot to appreciate when you look closely at the complete range provided by Jotul. You can see the attention to detail that goes into every single stove produced by this company. Every single one is handmade in Norway, and it shows. Those who are already familiar with this manufacturer will know how long-lasting Jotul stoves are. They can lay claim to creating the most popular fireplace in the history of this industry, and the particular model in question also happens to be much-copied by other companies.

jotul f163

Cast iron is the material of choice for Jotul

The company relies on the use of cast iron to create solidly built and reliable stoves that will heat your home for many years to come. Many people love the look and feel of cast iron. However it is capable of looking so much better still when it is used by experienced craftsmen. They can create stoves that look good as well as giving you the heat you require during the colder months.

This leads to yet another advantage when choosing a Jotul stove. Since Jotul is a Norwegian company the development of their stoves has naturally taken place in a colder climate. When you choose to buy a stove designed and hammered out by this company you are choosing a stove that has been carefully built to tick all the boxes. It will look good as well as providing more than just adequate heat. If you want a truly sustainable stove you can rely on to provide the degree of heat you need, just when you need it, one of their models will surely give you what you need.

jotul f 483

A wide range of stoves for all kinds of homes

You can opt for a Jotul stove in a variety of sizes, as well as opting for a gas, wood or multi-fuel type. With thoroughly traditional designs as well as a range of superbly modern ones, every single model offers outstanding features and performance.

If you’re looking to buy a new stove for your home, please do not hesitate to contact or call us on 01926 851 570 to discuss the options available. One of our fully trained team will be able to answer any questions you have.