Sweden’s Contura Stoves are known for their style and innovative approach to design, as well as their fuel efficiency and careful use of resources. This year’s batch of designs is no exception, with two new additions to the Contura range, both currently available via ManorHouse Fireplaces. Featuring a stunning multi-fuel freestanding stove with exceptional heat distribution, and an inset stove that features groundbreaking technology and is officially recognised for its efficiency, the new Contura Stoves for 2013 are well worth investigating.

Contura Ci4 Freestanding Stove

This multi-fuel stove is available in either a classic or modern design, so that you can be sure that will fit in well in any home. With the large window that you would expect from a Contura model, this stove is able to provide a beautiful flame picture, and thanks to its attractive design, in both the modern and classic style, it makes a stunning addition to any fireplace.

contura ci4 freestanding stove

What really sets this stove apart, however, is the evenness of its heat distribution. With a unique heat tank, which is made of heat-retaining power stone, placed underneath the panels either side of the stove, it is able to maintain ten degrees celsius more heat output than an equivalent stove as much as ten hours after the last burn. Such durability, in terms of heat output, is further bolstered by an impressive 80 per cent efficiency, making the Ci4 from Contura an impressive freestanding stove. It is also comes with a removable handle, so that you can load logs without risk of getting your hands burnt.

Contura Ci6 Inset Stove

As beautiful and adaptable as ever, Contura’s latest approach to inset stove design also sets the bar extremely high when it comes to fuel efficiency. In fact, the Ci6 Inset Stove from Contura Stoves is currently the only inset stove in the world to be meet the exceptionally high standards of Sweden’s ‘Swan Label’ of efficiency.

contura i6 inset stove

Able to adapt and look perfectly at home in any kind of room, there are three design styles currently available: Contemporary glass door with either a matt chrome of black handle, and a traditional design with a cast iron frame and door. In all models the large window offers a stunning view of the flames.

Usability and efficiency have clearly been at the forefront of the Ci6’s designers’ minds. A self-closing door system eradicates any risk posed by forgetfulness, and an efficient combustion technology works to minimise the build up of soot and makes sure that the window is always clean and clear.

DEFRA-approved, and with a 78% efficiency, this wood burning stove is not only a sensible and practical choice, but also an incredibly attractive and durable model.

Contura Stoves at Manor House Fireplaces

contura 34t

Designed and assembled at Contura’s base in Markaryd, Sweden, these stoves exemplify the exceptional standards of design and fuel efficiency that has long marked Contura out as a leading maker of multi fuel stoves and modern log burners. The Ci4 and Ci6 are just the latest additions to the range of Contura Stoves currently available via Manor House Fireplaces. Visit our showroom in Kenilworth, Warwickshire to find out more about these stunning designs and other examples from the Contura Stoves range.