The New Year brings an exciting collection of new fireplaces. Whether you’re looking for a chic gas fire or a more customary wood-burning stove, there are plenty of models available to cater for every taste.
Electric fire stoves are becoming more fashionable, thanks to the high power output and low running costs. For the traditionalist, wood-burning stoves provide a homely, reassuring comfort. Stone fireplaces come in a variety of finishes which will blend in with any environment. Below you will find the manufacturers making big strides in 2013.

Valor 3D electric fires

Petrus stove
Valor continues to set the standards with their new range of 3D electric stove fires. The Petrus Slimline Dimension Silver Chrome Roomset is exceptionally manufactured from cast-iron, and its realistic flames create a cosy ambiance that adds a snug luxury to your room. With a depth of 75mm, you can be assured that the Dimension models can be installed to any wall. As well as boasting a 100% efficiency rating, the fire’s LED lights mean they do not need reinstating like normal light bulbs. For added convenience, remote control supports its state-of-the-art technology. The Dimension range is also available in an ultra-modern black finish. Each model comes with a 3-year warranty.

Jetmaster’s wood-burning stoves


Jetmaster stove
Established in 1951, Jetmaster has maintained their reputation as experts in craftsmanship. The wood-burning range boasts up to 84% efficiency, releasing heat into your room with outstanding results. Models are solidly built from iron but preserve a natural charm, and are available with or without legs. All designs come with a full 5-year guarantee, with an option of a charcoal or almond finish. Models can be purchased with a 16 inch or 18 inch opening, and does not allow smoke to escape into your room. A multi-fuel grate is optional for those homes that demand both coal and wood. Economic and robust, Jetmaster’s wood-burning stoves are real show-stoppers that will enhance any room.

Newman’s solid stone fireplaces

Newman stove
Exquisitely designed in their Portuguese factory with care and panache, the solid stone fireplaces from Newman are built with real flair and creativity. Highly desirable and award winning, each fireplace adds a certain elegance that can accommodate any fire or stove. Sandstone and limestone remain firm favourites, both of which are natural materials in neutral shades that fuse with most furnishings. Every stone fireplace has distinctive veining which runs at angles to produce an appealing texture.