Sometimes the best things come in the smallest packages, and in the case of these new Riva2 500 fires, even a compact fire can provide an impressive heat output. If you are thinking of getting a new fire, but don’t have a huge amount of space, these new fires – available now from Manor House Fireplaces – are well worth your attention.

Leading gas fires manufacturer Gazco has developed a new range of smaller fires, adapted to fit perfectly in a standard 22” wide standard British fireplace. The fires in the Riva2 500 range are Gazco’s smallest, and they make a neat addition to any living room or fireplace surround. With an emphasis on clean lines and unobtrusive design, these fires make the most of a beautiful flame display, backed up with some serious heating capabilities. With a 4.8kW heat output and 75% fuel efficiency, the Riva2 500 fires are available for both gas and LPG, and come with a remote control thermostat, so you won’t need to leave your chair in order to adjust the temperature. Here is some more detailed information about each of the models in the Riva2 500 range.

Riva2 500 Edge Gas Fire

Riva2 500 Edge
The fact that you have 22” space for a fire doesn’t mean that you have to put with a boxy and fussy looking fire. Even small openings can provide contemporary and neat-looking fires. This neat little ‘hole in the wall’ fire looks great in any minimalist setting, and draws the eye directly towards the beautiful flames and ember bed display. As an edge fire, it can be placed with the minimum of fuss in any surround or insert space, or alternatively it can be placed within a feature wall. For the most ideal and complementary surrounds, Gazco also provides a range of tile surround packages. The Riva2 500 also comes with a choice of three edge linings: vermiculite, brick effect and black reeded.

Riva2 500 Verve XS

Riva2 500 Verve XS
For anyone in search of an ultra modern and chic fireplace that only takes up the minimum amount of space, Gazco has created the Riva2 500 Verve XS. With a cool graphite finish, and smart horizontally curved front, the Verve XS makes no bones about its contemporary appeal. All of which is offset perfectly by the beautiful log-effect fire display – combining an image from time immemorial with the very latest in modern design styles. The lining options include smart brick effect, vermiculite and black reeded, while the frame itself is available in a choice of four smart metallic colour options: red, blue, bronze and ivory.

Riva2 500 Icon Gas Fire

Gazco Riva2 Icon
It may be small, but the Riva2 500 Icon certainly makes a big impression. Designed to provide living rooms with a sense of grandeur and luxury, this high quality fire lives up to its name, and is truly iconic. The black glass finish makes a strong statement, and makes the perfect surround for the captivating flame display and hand detailed log-effect fuel bed. As with the models in the Riva2 500 range, there is a choice of linings, including black reeded, vermiculite and brick effect.