Are you looking for a small log burner to suit the small dimensions of the room or fireplace it needs to go in? Manor House has a great range of smaller wood burners (and also a few multi-fuel options) for you to choose from. We’ve highlighted the best of the bunch here.

Contura i4 free standing

contura i4 modern

This stove comes in two models, the Contura i4 classic and modern (as pictured above) and is versitile due to it being a multi-fuel stove. It has been designed to allow you to switch from one to the other depending on which fuel you have to hand. The compact size makes it easy to slot into a small fireplace if need be. Despite the size it can produce a healthy 5kW output so it is ideal for a larger room. You can also enjoy an 80% energy efficiency level with this stove, regardless of which model you get. Both the classic and modern options deliver the same great service.

Burley Debdale

burley debdale small log burner

This charming log burner may be small but it is still capable of producing an impressive 4kW of heat output. The technology behind its creation gives it a high efficiency, better heat output and less soot too. It also benefits from a large viewing window so everyone can enjoy the flames. The design is more contemporary but it still looks good in a variety of settings.

Yeoman CL3

yeoman CL3 multi fuel stove

If you are searching for a compact multi-fuel stove this could be the ideal solution. With an impressive energy efficiency level of as much as 86% you will get your money’s worth out of this hard worker in more ways than one. Again it benefits from a large window to the front and it looks bigger than it actually is. It’s a veritable multi-fuel powerhouse that provides an impressive 3.75kW of heat.

Nordpeis Uno 4

Nordpeis Uno 4

The Nordpeis Uno is a wood burner that has an impressively small footprint. It’s quite tall so it is designed to go in an open area of the room rather than in a fireplace. However with that said you’ll love the 4kW output and the fact that there are side windows as well as a large glass panel to the front. This Nordpeis model offers Airwash and Cleanburn systems on-board too, so you’re getting a real focal point that warms your home in more ways than one.

Stovax Stockton 4

stovax stockton 4

Sometimes only a traditional look will do, and if you want something that has the aged look, the Stovax Stockton 4 is the ideal choice. Compact, smart and available in either wood or multi-fuel options, it provides up to 85% energy efficiency as well as a 4kW output. It comes in a variety of colour options and is small enough to sit in a fireplace as well as being suitable for an open position.

Choosing your ideal small log burning stove can be a challenge but it is one worth meeting head-on. With Manor House here to help, the decision could be easier to make than you think.

If you would like any further suggestions on small stoves to fit your home or business, please do not hesitate to contact us or call on 01926 851 570 for free, no obligation advice.