Everyone is looking for ways to reduce their fuel bills wherever they can. If you are reliant on gas and/or electricity you will know how the prices always seem to keep going up.

So is it worth considering multi fuel stoves as an alternative? Stoves are certainly popular and on trend at the moment. Many of them provide the opportunity to burn your choice of fuel, including coal and wood. Most people opt for wood, either as logs or pellets. But it is important to research woodburning stoves before you take the plunge. This will ensure you know what you are buying – and that you buy the right stove for you.

Are you in a smoke controlled area?

Log Burner Eco 52

If you are, you can only install stoves that are DEFRA approved and that burn ‘clean’ meaning no smoke is produced.

You must also ensure the stove is approved by DEFRA, and have it properly checked and certified. If you don’t do this you are breaking the law. The installers should also be approved by HETAS and provide you with the required safety certificate. There are many DEFRA approved stoves available and come in a range of styles and sizes, both traditional and modern.

How much will the fuel cost you?

This is another reason to do your sums before purchasing your log burning stove. You will also need to account for the cost of having a stove: you will need to buy the required fuel to burn as well. It is also advisable to have storage too for your chosen fuel i.e coal or wood etc.

burning wood

A lot depends on how much energy you use and how often you would use your stove. You may have access to free or cheap suitable sources of wood to burn. In this case you may find you save a considerable amount of money by using a wood burning stove, more than you thought possible.