The look and feel of a burning fire is always a welcoming sight on a cold winters night, evoking memories of cosy nights and happy memories. In homes without a traditional fireplace or central heating, it is no surprise that there has been a boom in wall hung electric stoves and fires.

Where portable floor heaters were once the most popular, wall hung are becoming increasingly common in homes across the UK.

There are many benefits to having a Wall Mounted Electric fire in your home:


The Modern wall hung electric fire is often featured in interior design magazines and over previous years has become a must have for a stylish modern home. With such a wide range of styles on the market,  you’ll be sure to find the perfect fire for you.



Traditional wood burning fireplaces can sometimes be a safety concern for households with children. Electric fireplaces are the safer option as they usually have cool touch safety glass, and children can’t accidentally touch a naked flame or blazing hot surround.



Wall Mounted Electric fire appliances can be readily moved and installed in rooms across the home. They can be hung on almost any wall, usually just needing a wall hanging mount installed and access to an electric power point.



All Wall-hung electric fires are flueless, meaning that they do not require a chimney to operate, as a result of this heat is not lost through outside emissions (as happens with traditional chimney fireplaces), all the heat stays within the room.


Low Maintenance

Electric fireplaces are simple and easy to operate, requiring very little maintenance. There is no emptying of ashes, cleaning of chimneys, or buying and stacking of wood or coal. The only measures you will need to keep your wall mounted electric fire looking as good as the day you bought it is the occasional wipe over with a damp cloth and cleaning agent every once in a while.


Additional Features

– Visual displays of flames and burning materials, while pumping heated air around nearby surrounds

– Modern efficient LED and lighting technologies.

– They come in numerous sizes, materials, framed panel designs, and colours.


If you have any questions about Wall Mounted Electric fireplaces or need any further information or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us