Choosing one of the many modern wood burning stoves around today can be a challenge. Contemporary wood burning stoves are many and varied, but you should definitely take a closer look at the Eco 40 Barbas wood burning stove. It has sleek good looks and would suit a wide range of modern homes that require a log burner of some kind.

What is the heat output of this stove?

The Eco 40 Barbas stove offers an impressive 5kw of heat output. It also has a large viewing window so you can watch as the wood burns inside, providing all the heat you need. The stove is designed to burn wood and also wood bricks, so it is not suitable for coal or other items.

Are there different options regarding the exterior look of the Eco 40?

Yes, you can choose the modern and industrial looking steel finish if you wish. Alternatively they offer a soapstone finish which is definitely more unusual and will provide even more of a talking point.

The solid fuel stoves can also be provided with a floor plate for the stove to stand on, plus a wood rack if required. However these are optional so you should figure the additional cost into your budget if need be.

Does Barbas provide spare parts if required?

Yes, the company does do this, and full information is available in the manual that comes with the stove.

Is this stove a suitable choice for heating your home?

The Eco 40 Barbas stove is the smallest one in the range of Eco stoves manufactured by Barbas. This means it is ideal for smaller properties that do not require a high amount of heat output from their stoves.

Baras log burner

This is also a free standing stove so if your home allows for it you can have it installed somewhere other than in an open fireplace. This makes it ideal for modern homes that do not have traditional fireplaces. With connection points on top and at the rear you have every opportunity to welcome this stunning wood burner into your home.

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