If you have a fireplace, or a wood burning stove, you will be familiar with one small problem: ash. Inevitably, there is some ash left after a fire or stove has been used, and to ensure the smooth operation of your fire in future it needs to cleaned up fairly regularly. Unfortunately, using a dustpan and brush can create even more mess, causing ash to get onto the carpet and even into your lungs. It isn’t safe to use a standard vacuum cleaner with a paper bag or waste compartment with hot ash, and even if the ashes have cooled, they will soon fill any vacuum cleaner and clog the machine with harmful particles. The best thing to use is a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner, or at least an ash can filter that can be attached to a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These machines will ensure that cleaning your fireplace or stove is a straightforward and tidy process.

Manorhouse fireplaces takes you through five of the top options for ash vacuum cleaners:

Termatech Ash Vacuum

Thermatech Ash VacuumThe Termatech Ash Vacuum makes cleaning your stove or fire an absolute doddle. The Termatech has a 230v / 1200w motor and 3m cable which has been designed to extract ashes from warm and cold wood burning stoves, open fires and pellet stoves.

It works exactly the same as a normal vacuum, simply plug it in, switch on and away you go! All the ash and fire debris is collected in a 20 litre container via a stainless steel nozzle and metal lined flexible hose. Once the Termatech is full, simply unclip the the lid and empty.

PowerPlus Ash Vacuum Cleaner

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Capable of picking up ashes as hot as 60 degrees celsius, as well as sawdust and barbecue coal, this machine can also be used as a standard vacuum cleaner. It has a 1200 watt meter, a strong and durable tank with a 20 litre capacity and a 1.2 metre hose. With four castor wheels, it is easy to move around.

Manor Ash Vacuum

manor ash vacuum
The Manor Ash Electric Vacuum Cleaner is designed specifically for cleaning out cold ash from fireplaces and stoves. It is fitted a premium filter and a protective steel lined hose inner.

It has a 1200w motor to help with collecting larger debris and has a useful 40″ long hose with a 9″ aluminium nozzle. Another benefit of the Manor ash vacuum is that no collection bag is required.

Ash Can Filter with a Nilfisk Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Giving you greater cleaning flexibility, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner such as this one from Nilfisk, is an excellent option for cleaning outdoor areas as well as interiors. The 18-litre capacity ash can filter is cheaper than a dedicated ash vacuum cleaner and means that hot ashes can be collected safely, using suction power from the wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

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