With the variety of fuel options available in the market, electric fires not only look good, but are economical to run as well, offering fast start up and heat. With a range of fires ranging from wall mounted through to more traditional free standing electric fires to use in existing fireplaces, you can be sure to find the ideal style whatever your requirements maybe.

Wall mounted electric fires are ideal if you are looking for a no fuss source of heat for your home. Offering simple installation, wall mounted electric fires require no gas pipe work. Simply connect it to your electric supply and you have an instant clean source of heat. With no requirement for a chimney or ventilation, wall mounted electric fires offer modern, stylish and uncluttered lines thanks to not needing a surround.

If you decide on a wall mounted electric fire, siting one is simple. You need have few concerns with regards to restrictions on the layout of your room, or where you can site it. It is simple enough to run cabling to the area you would like a wall mounted fire to be.

If you have an extension or conservatory wall mounted electric fires are ideal for supplying additional heat offering the flexibility and simple installation, with the option of being able to be plugged straight into a standard power outlet.


Electric Fire

Wall Mounted Electric Fire - Studio2 Glass


Electric Fireplaces

Regardless of the season an electric fireplace can transform a living area helping to create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere to come home to. As the weather gets more chilly they offer the advantages of offering a fast and effective heat source.

Many people looking to create a homely and traditional feel whilst still retaining a cost effective heat source choose an electric fireplace. With a wide range of sizes available, no matter what size room you have, you can find something that suits your style providing you with the focal point you are looking for and helping to tie in your interior decorations accordingly.


Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace - E-Studio Designio


Electric Fires

Whatever room you are considering an electric fire for they can be fitted without hassle into an existing fireplace, combining great looks with efficient, cost effective energy. You pay for the heat you use, and as an instant source of heat, this means you incur no waste from heating up and no wasted heat through chimneys or flues.