There is a wealth of fireplaces to choose from and it can be daunting trying to decide which style will suit your home.

Many showrooms will advise you about this, based on the age of your home and the style of your existing fireplace. By taking a photograph and bringing it with you, you can ask for expert advice on this.

Before you choose your fireplace you should have your chimney swept; this will enable your chimney sweep to check if your fireplace has any obstructions within it and whether your chimney is strong and in working order.

Your chimney type will usually determine the style of fireplace you are able to choose. Look at your roof and use a flue-type guide to help you decide your chimney type.

Some fires do not require a chimney or external flue pipes. Small electric models can look aesthetically pleasing and just need plugging in. You can also opt for a flueless gas fire.

Contemporary fireplace designs tend to go out of fashion more quickly than the traditional, classic styles. Your fireplace and fireplace mantel should ideally reflect the age of your property and therefore it will last for many years.

Marble fireplaces

Marble fireplaces and mantels are visually very appealing and are easy to care for and to keep clean. You might choose to install a wood burning stove with a marble fireplace, which would work well, and marble fireplaces can be modern or traditional in style.

Browse through fireplace ideas and you are likely to find the one that will suit your home the best. Consider, too, whether you want to redecorate the room in which your fireplace will sit, as you want them to complement each other.

Your fireplace is the focal point of a room and there are many options to choose from. From ornate Victorian tiled fireplace decorations for your 19th Century townhouse to modern clean lines for a contemporary home, there are fireplaces to suit you.

A new fireplace mantel will transform your hearth and your home. Choose a bold, contemporary design that will be eye catching in any room, or a rustic style that will look perfect in a cottage or farmhouse.
Be creative with the design you choose; whether you seek advice from a fireplace showroom or are confident that you know exactly which fireplace you want for your home.