With a history that can be traced back to a farm in the wilds of Dartmoor in Devon, it is perhaps no big surprise to discover Yeoman stoves have found their way into many homes across the country. When you buy a Yeoman you buy 25 years’ of experience in stove design, and this shines through in all kinds of different ways with the Yeoman CL5 gas stove.

The look of a wood burner with none of the hassle

Yeoman CL5If you love how a wood burner looks but you don’t want to worry about finding a source of logs or cleaning out the fire whenever required, this Yeoman gas stove provides the perfect solution. Many people would be fooled by the realistic fuel bed provided with this fire, not to mention the realism of the flickering flames when the fire is on.

The stove also provides an impressive 80% efficiency level with a maximum heat output of 3.5kW. You’ll also get a remote control included with your purchase, to ensure you can enjoy controlling your new fire from the comfort of your sofa. It’s possible to opt for either the standard remote or upgrade to a thermostatic remote control if you wish.

Ideal for a variety of locations and properties

The CL5 model can operate with either a conventional flue or a balanced flue, depending on which option would be most appropriate in your home. It can be installed in an available fireplace or in a larger recess if the location is appropriate. Providing the flue can be installed as required, this stove can provide the ideal look and finishing touch in the room of your choice.

Yeoman CL5 Balanced Flue Gas Stove

Another advantage of this entry in the range of Yeoman gas stoves is that it can work with natural gas or LPG if required. You simply need to make the appropriate choice when ordering. As you can see, the CL5 is impressive in its performance and also versatile in many ways.

Considerate construction for a great appearance

This stove is designed with a deceptively simple appearance. The exterior benefits from clean lines and minimal detailing, making it suitable for many modern properties as well as more traditional ones. You will appreciate the installation of a large viewing window as well, making the fire easy to view from many different angles.

CL5 Balance Flue Gas Stove

Gas stove fires are ideal for those who want all the pros of a real wood burner with none of the hassle of cleaning it or finding an affordable source of wood to call on. Yeoman has come up trumps with this impressive addition to their range of gas fires, and it could be just what you are looking for. It is supplied with an authentic flame picture that will fool many people into thinking you’ve invested in a log burner. Will you reveal the truth or keep it to yourself? Maybe you’ll enjoy the appreciation and then confuse them completely when they see you using the remote control!