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ACR NEO 3C - Wood & Multi Fuel Stove

Our Price: £1,830.00

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Unlike it's sister stove, the NEO 3C comes with side glass and is still everything you would expect from a contemporary stove. It is DEFRA approved, allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. An optional multi fuel grate enables you to burn smokeless fuel too giving you versatility when it comes to fuel type. The 3C also has a glazed front door which is kept clean by a powerful air wash and you will also have the benefit of a very convenient storage cupboard beneath which is handy for storing kindling and logs.

As with all NEO stoves in the range, the ashpan slides towards you to enable the lid to be fitted and then lift the ashpan out and carry outside safe in the knowledge the ashes are safely contained and won't blow about in the wind.

Our Price: £1,830.00

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DEFRA Approved with Smoke Control Yes
Stove Efficiency 74.4%
Heat Output 5 kW
Fuel Type Wood and Multi Fuel
Height 1065 mm
Width 490 mm
Depth 390 mm
Colour Matt Black
Warranty 10 Years
Additonal Features:
  • DEFRA approved
  • Side glass for wider view of flames
  • Optional multifuel grate
  • Easy ash removal system
  • 125mm flue collar
  • simple to use single air control
ACR NEO 3C - Wood & Multi Fuel Stove Dimensions
ACR NEO 3C - Wood & Multi Fuel Stove - Efficiency Rating